Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What I Did This Summer

I have to post some pictures of my summer projects. First up, a bunch of rocks:

After my neighbors put in their retaining wall last summer, this area was a pile of dirt about the height of that little white fence. All those little blue rocks were mixed in with the dirt. Also, the retaining wall project necessitated my taking down my limestone rock wall.

So I dug out all the dirt, rebuilt my rock wall, and separated all the rocks from the dirt. Now, it's just rock. I like rocks. Dig it:

So that took a long time, mostly because I didn't go outside during July. Too hot to sit down, much less work with rocks. But I needed to do something to feed my middle-age-onset OCD while I sweated in the house. Pinterest has been a big help for that. And that's where I learned to do this:

A purse! Made out of chip bags! Mostly Cheetos! Isn't it shiny and pretty? Well, I like it. Plus, the endless cutting and folding is very satisfying.

I know you all are too healthy to eat chips on the regular, but if you have a moment of weakness, save the bag for me, will ya? Feed the Beast!