Saturday, April 5, 2008

This Just In

Chantal sent some of her photos from the Guatemala trip, so we can fill in some gaps.

This is a creature we found clinging to the outside of Mario's tent one morning:

Chantal mentioned that spiders often don't have all 8 legs in the jungle, due to skirmishes. Please notice the egg sac. Zip up the tent!!

From our walk to El Peru:

This is the kitchen at the field station where we camped:

The men on staff were very nice and shared some fish stew one night. They made it from a fresh fish they'd smoked over the fire all day. So good!

We ran into some military types when we got back to Paso Caballos. Mario posed with one of their AKs. He assures me he's not into guns, but that these would impress his friends in Vancouver.

Back in Playa del Carmen, I had to go check out the supermarket down the street:

They've got a be-haloed and praying St. Fransis of Assisi selling groceries?
The free online translator I'm using isn't making sense of "Todos Los Dias Todo Mas Bajo" ("all you gave them all but low"? -- does sound mildly biblical), but "en el reino del ahorro" means "in the kingdom of the savings." Awesome.


Boomer said...

My guess is it means something like "everyday the lowest (prices)"

Boomer said...

I am still jealous. Even with the pictures of the spider.

Anonymous said...

boomer is right - basically it translates to: Every day, always the lowest.

Cool, mc - I love all the pictures from your trip!


Anonymous said...

Don't tell me that you didn't pose with the AK MC! I can see why you didn't pick up the spider, though. Totally reminds me of the Temple of Doom.