Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Old-School Health Class

You guys, I can't believe even the mighty interwebs could cough these up. They are the Walt Disney-produced cartoons about menstruation and STDs that we were shown in 6th grade, in little old Howard, S.D. They period one is surprisingly straightforward, though somewhat dismissive of moodiness and apathy. ("Stop slouching and powder your nose!") The boys were sent out of the room when they showed it, though. The VD one is straight up hilarious (and informative!).

You have to go to Jezebel to see the STD cartoon. It's totally worth it!


Boomer said...

haven't got around to the std one yet, but the menstruation one was pretty good. i agree they gloss over the real live mood swings that can happen: "don't feel sorry for yourself" or some such. i especially like the litte arrows going from the fallopian tubes into the lush lining, then out.

Hybrid Fat-n-Sassy said...

Keep your laws off my body, Pituitary Gland!