Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Surprise Party

OK, so Suspiciously Pleased and I planned a party for our January birthdays, along with Elvis (or El, as SP calls him. They're tight.) The Muse was also part of our tribe, as all four of us have birthdays within a week of each other. (Capricorns rule!)

So just as the joint starts hoppin', we are shocked (Shocked!) by the appearance of Molldoll (the original Sassmaster) fresh from Florida. She voluntarily donned socks and flew to Mpls for her sister's birthday. Aww...

Once the screaming and jumping about had subsided, many party-goers wanted to be photographed with the King, especially SP in her Ann-Margaret outfit:

Some got a little frisky.

E. was looking especially fine that night.

SP made red velvet cupcakes that spelled out the names of the birthday kids, but rowdy party-goers began using them for anagrams. Damn Scrabble players....

There was jamming with, why yes, that IS an actual stand-up base. And a ukelele on the left. Yes, it IS sad you weren't there.

Elvis couldn't resist the impromtu jam:

There was dancing

Including reenacting of scenes from Viva Las Vegas by SP and her man:

And a spot-on E-personation:

C's new lady seemed to like us, despite her wary look here. We thought she was awesome.

Near to the end of the night, some minds were opened. In a complete reversal of policy regarding cold weather, Molldoll went out and frolicked in falling snow without a coat. And of course, demanded that we photograph her:

She even threw snow around with bare hands:

Is this the same chick that bitched about 50 degree weather in May for a solid week?

Aw look, she brought the sun with her.

Somehow, ck and the Muse escaped the camera all night, so here's an older one of them:
They make a mean cannellini dip, y'all!
Thanks for the good times, everybody! Let's do it again real soon.


suspiciously pleased said...

Man, peeps!Thank you all so much for coming to the party!!!

I was just talkin' to him today and El said he was pretty thrilled with the quality of the turn-out. In fact, he told me to tell you all, "Thank'ew, Thank'ew ver' much."

mully said...

thank you for hosting the partay and posting the pictures! i had a great time and i have been hoping to prove i am not a total crybaby...(of course by monday i was crying again.) why does it have to keep snowing all day there?

Boomer said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. It's a far cry from being there and it doesn't do much to alleviate my jealousy, but I like it all the same.

Anonymous said...

That party was super fun, MC!!! I can't believe I did The Robot at your party - or that I danced at all! I don't even know how to do The Robot, and I'm quite sure that my movements were not very robot inspired, but hey, it was fun! You're a great hostess!