Friday, May 25, 2007

Dolled Up

Like Lollie, I just got my hair highlighted. Lots of red this time, with some gold that you can't see very well in this picture. Though I am normally covered in cat hair, wrinkled, and five years out of fashion, I am attempting to pull myself together for my brother's wedding. I think can have it all workin' for one day in 2007. Maybe two, but that's a long shot.

These are my wedding shoes. The dress is white with a black paisley pattern -- sleeveless, cocktail length, empire waist, with little beads and sequins scattered across it. It fits like a dream. Do I risk a spray tan? Also,
first pedicure of the summer:
Hey! Is that the same color as my hair?!


Night Editor said...

Love the shoes, love the toes, love the highlights. It is, mostly, fun being a girl.

Lollie said...

Love the red highlights, those are some kicky shoes and the toes are fuscialicious (nowhere near the colour of your hair). I think you have a week's worth of workin' it out there. Avoid the spray tan, just sayin'.

Sassmaster said...

Thanks, y'all! Lollie, do you have bad Mystic Tan stories? Is there too much potential for disaster? 'Cause I'm not going to have much opportunity for sunbathing in the next couple weeks, and I hate looking like a fish belly. I need advice!

Boomer said...

Now me, I was going to recommend the spray tan. If you've never had one, it's worth the experience. Because it's so odd. My one and only time was for a wedding, and I thought it was a hoot. However, I've been told there is a risk of looking orange. Might go nice with the new hair.

Can't wait for pic's with all the lovely pieces together. That dress sound gorgeous.

Lollie said...

I prefer the pasty white fish belly look that I don 362 days out of the year (the other days are spent burnt ad fire-engine red), so I have never indulged in the spray tan - but living in South Florida, I have seen my fair share of bad ones (like drip marks f'rinstance). The spray tan, however, can be gorgeous - you have to go to a reputable salon and go with a rec from someone who has had a great experience. It's just if you get a bad one (and closer to the event is worse) you have to live with it or rub lemon juice all over your body and pray for evenness.

Elbee said...

Love your hair. Love it! Red is the best, but also the hardest to maintain because it fades so fast.

Perhaps they could set the sprayer on "light"? Like a showerhead with different settings? I've never tried the spray tan, but I don't recommend the Jergens Natural Glow or whatever lotion. On folks like us, there really isn't much chance of a natural glow unless you've just run a relay.

By the way, at a party in Carbondale over the weekend (a party that involved both English dept. graduates and bikers), I met the poet laureate of South Dakota. I thought it was a joke, but no: he is David Allan Evans, our friend's dad, who just retired from SDSU. SoDak is everywhere!

Mikeswife said...

I think we started the conversation about the spray tan and never finished. You look absolutley marvelous just the way you are!!! Spray tan - good concept but the drip marks are hideous. I agree with boomer - you have to try it once for the experience but not 14 days before "THE" wedding. Wouldn't want to ruin the "do".