Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Back Again

Sorry to be MIA. Pamela and I did this bike ride last Saturday--the Cannon River Trail between Cannon Falls and Red Wing along the Cannon River. Super pretty and delightful trail--easy ride of two hours or so, barely any hills. Then we had a picnic lunch next to the river (Mississippi this time) in Hastings. Lovely. Then I got back to the TC and lost all my energy for four days. Like making lunch was an insurmountable task. What's up with that?

I think it's the September assignments . . . trying to come up with outlines for about 7 stories, one after another. What am I, a machine!? *shakes fist at sky* I think that's why I didn't participate in cK's interview. I can handle answering questions, but the idea of posing questions to someone else is too much like writing assignments. ("Potential questions for sources: Do you believe you can turn anything into condos, even a freeway overpass?") But I loved your questions to Lollie, cK.

I also blame Eden Prairie, which is the opposite of an eden and sullies the good name of prairies everywhere. I had to go there for a meeting on Tuesday and nearly lost my mind trying to find the place. I finally got there and probably couldn't find it again if I tried. WHICH I NEVER WILL. Eden Prairie, you are dead to me. Also, when you screw around with the street layout, maybe you should let Mapquest know. Jerks.


Elbee said...

I believe it's known as Breedin' Prairie locally. There's probably lots of those $900 Bugaboo strollers cruising the sidewalks.

Good for you on the bike ride!

Sassmaster said...

The strollers must be in the malls, 'cause that hell hole doesn't have any sidewalks. Or pedestrians.

Night Editor said...

Breedin' Prairie is really funny! When we thought we were growing out of our little St. Paul cottage we went suburb shopping, driving round and round the orbs of the Twin Cites like space jockeys: ring 1--Anoka, ring 2--Lakeville, etc. The only place we even remotely liked was Orono--but at the time we didn't know it was the spendiest of the bunch--we just liked its big yards! Sometimes we just shake our heads at our own foolishness.

Boomer said...

I didn't laugh out loud because my roommate's sleeping, but you crack me up. The bike ride sounded lovely and I like the cartoon image I have of you shaking your fist at the sky.