Monday, July 2, 2007

Letters to Songwriters

Dear Young M.C.,

Love you, love your tunes. What are you up to these days? If you get around to it, I think the world could use another Principal's Office. That tune is super funky.

Bust a Move is also an obvious classic, but I'm concerned about some its more unlikely scenarios. Perhaps you haven't spent much time as a single person (Why should you? You're Young M.C.!), but dating most often begins with getting someone's attention. They don't just "sit down next to you and start talkin'," at least not in this jerkwater burg.

Well, maybe sometimes they do, but it usually turns out that they are either unbalanced or only interested in monologue. In your song, though, gorgeous people are always accosting your protagonist. Like that woman at the movies: "She's dressed in yellow, she says 'Hello, come sit next to me you fine fellow'." Seriously? In a darkened movie theater? That seems a little weird.

And what about the girl on the beach who "runs up with somethin' to prove?" I mean, if eligible singles are just falling into this guy's lap, what does "bust a move" even mean? He doesn't have to do anything!! At least the bridesmaid thought he was winking. Aside from that accidental opening, your guy isn't bustin' any moves at all. Unless, I've completely misread the meaning of that phrase.

These concerns do not prevent me from digging your scene on my headphones as I bike to work. I just wanted to help you "keep it real."




mully said...

some tough questions sassmaster, but surely some things those young mcs need to be thinking about.

Night Editor said...

This is funny. And you're right, in these parts, if anyone came over to chat in a dark movie theater, pretty sure it'd be the kind of rat you wouldn't want by your side anyway. Unless it's Josh Hartnett. I heard from a friend of Josh's mom that he likes to spend time at the movies so he's not gawked at out in daylight. Then, if he comes over and asks about the popcorn, do bust a move.

mully said...

i would bust a move on josh...should i have the chance...