Friday, November 30, 2007

Do You Neti?

I bought myself a Neti pot yesterday:

I've used one before, but never took to the practice exactly. The practice being pouring warm salt water up your nasal passages. The "nasal wash" is a "time-honored practice in the Orient" for treating allergies, colds, and sinus problems, according to my Neti pot instructions.

And indeed, Hybrid-Fat-N-Sassy was shilling for it (she of the Neti-industrial complex) as I complained about my post nasal drip and endless coughing. This is what a Neti user looks like, if they are beautifully lit and apparently not at all unwell:

The part that's missing is the water coming out of her other nostril. Awesome!
It is not a pleasant sensation, but it's doable and the result is that you get to stop breathing exclusively through your mouth for a while. Not bad.


Lollie said...

It is just possible that I might drown if I tried that.

Hybrid Fat-n-Sassy said...

Duuuuude! Welcome to the Practice! As soon as you send a check representing 50% of your income to the Neti High Command you'll get your decoder ring and 24-hour pass to the Compound.

superbigmuch said...

I looooove the Neti Compound. It's all full of spendy sparkly wine and shit. Plus, Petey looks at you hungrily, even though you're TO-tally tossed and he can't wait to get home to his wife, they're still all primo kind.

That, and the nasals are all cleared and you're free of demon mucus.

Oh, yeah.

Sorry that I posted, S. Masster, but, chyanknow, I know some peeps what hangs out here, and I am but a simple people. You know that.

Sassmaster said...

All are welcome, dude.

Anonymous said...

They also have available a commercial model that we have used in the kids which is slightly pressurized saline solution. Worked wonders on our nasal challenged 5 year old
timmy B

Whiskeymarie said...

My mother in law has been bugging me to try one of these.
I don't know...pouring stuff UP my nose?
Maybe. We'll see.