Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh, the Humanity

Despite carrying my camera around in my purse all weekend, I never captured a photo of my visitors—Dad and my brother Paul in town for Thanksgiving. But despite the lack of evidence, they were here. We ate lovely meals and went to a play. We talked about all sorts of things. Paul laid this factoid on me: a large amount of the veal served in New York City is actually the tender interior portion of a fresh ham. Is your mind blown?! I attempted to wow them with my knowledge of local commercial real estate trends. We lamented the rising price of farm land in S.D.

But human nature was rather in evidence as I misjudged the time we needed to eat before the Friday-night play. We had to rush our entree and speed to the theater, missing the first few minutes of the performance. Then, late in the play, I was overtaken by a coughing fit that seemed to last a half an hour, though it was only a few minutes. Sigh.

Because I'm me, these mishaps loom over the weekend in my head. I wish I could just relax and stop being appalled by the fact that I can't actually control everything.

I'll see them again at Christmas, which will be lovely. I'm going to ask Santa if he can't do something about my crippling neuroses. That would be awesome.


Lollie said...

Ham as veal?! There's going to be a NY Jewish uprising!

Maybe I'll start asking restaurants if their veal is really ham and then I can eat it again.

Sassmaster said...

We were thinking the same thing about the dietary rules. They must identify it as pork or what would be the point? 'Cause it sounds like they use it so people don't feel guilty about the baby calves. Apparently, the chefs have ways of making it taste just like veal...

Night Editor said...

We all have a little bit of that at our house, with a bit of anger tossed in on the side. Neuroses and anger, new movie by Dick Cheney. I thought of you doing up the town with your family. I bet they loved it! And, your story of the veal factoid is classic. We somehow got on the factoid that 69% of people sneeze when watching a video of someone sneezing, but only 50% sneezed when the sound was turned down.

Anonymous said...

When you start feeling crazy off schedule, just remember that commercial (from about three years ago) where there is this beautiful young couple on their way to this fabulous Spring party, and they're carrying wine or flowers or something beautiful, and then as they are rushing to get to the party on time, the girl falls into the mud right outside the party, and then she gets up and laughs. I guess they never made it to the party. It's pretty cheesy, young couple goofiness, but I always liked how the chick just laughed, got up, and that was that. That commercial is silly, but I think of it sometimes when I'm in a rush.

cK's Erin (not his sister), aka The Muse