Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kitchen Krazy

Oh man, my people. It is so on. I've marshalled the necessary energies and debt to finally do something about the kitchen limbo I've been living in for an age. I've signed up with a remodeler, pulled down a bunch of crumbling plaster, and bent my brain around cabinet, flooring, and appliance shopping. Lemme show ya around!

The kitchen with some elements still intact (including unwashed dishes and general squalor):

The destruction begins:

Middle-aged woman with wrecking bar. FEAR ME!

I show a couple more walls who's boss:

After the first layer of newer drywall is off, the really attractive, greenish plaster is revealed:

At this point, I can't take it any more:

But I finished off that green monster the next day:

I let the professionals take down the ceiling. I still have my sink for now, but will likely lose it in the next few days. Then it's the hose out back for me! I'm pretending I'm camping.

But oh my god you guys! Here's what it could look like (with different cabinet styles, countertop, and appliances), according to the cabinet guy's computer:

Isn't it to die for!? The party begins an hour after the last carpenter leaves, y'all!


Anonymous said...

YEAH! My favorite subject ... "home ANYTHING"!! I am SOOOO excited for you. MF/Dad/Grandpa just asked me Sunday if I would forward photos of your project when I receive them. Will do! You are quite a woman! I CANNOT wait to see the palacial like kitchen when complete. Keep us updated!
Love Ya - Farmer Mike and his wife

Anonymous said...

That end-result photo is the bomb! I'm excited for you!

cK said...

>> sneeze <<

It looks >> cough << wonderful! >>cough, cough <<

I mean >> hacking sound << it will look great!

[sound of copious nose-blowing]

- Dusty

Sassmaster said...

You got the right idea, cK.

Night Editor said...

Mighty impressive. Some people say renovation is filled with nostalgia but I say it has the force of revenge--and your photos support that! Good luck with it all. It'll be, er, smashing!

Elbee said...

Please share: what kind of countertops have you chosen? And where will the giant can of baked beans be on display?