Sunday, December 14, 2008

All Lit Up

Suspiciously Pleased and I went to see Trailer Trash's Trashy Little X-Mas Show last night at Lee's. Oh man. Those guys are in serious danger of being stalked. Here's a little taste of awsomeness:

Do You Hear What I Hear (You Rea
Do You Hear What I...
Hosted by eSnips

You're welcome.


Hybrid Fat-n-Sassy said...

Last winter Sassmaster and I went to see Nate read his favorite poem at a celebrity reading event. Afterward we saw him leaving the scene in a total family-wagon and enormous dorkus spectacles. I've never felt the same about him since.

Sassmaster said...

I do NOT remember the spectacles. You are just overwhelmed with your feeling for him -- admit it.

Anonymous said...

OMFG - I can't believe how awesome that is. Thank You!! You have to send me their schedule so I can plan a Trailer Trash pilgrimage with my wife and children. I'm certain the twins will love them as much as we do. Oh, and count me in on the stalking thing. I'm trying to develop an actual hobby next year..... I think I'd be good at that.


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