Monday, January 4, 2010


It seems like nobody in this freezing burg is happier to see me than the folks at Memorial Blood Centers. I'm on a regular donation schedule with them (give once, and they will hound your ass), especially now that I'm more than a year past that very suspect trip to Central America. Blood people are like the CIA when comes to your travel to malarial regions.

But it's not just that I'm a willing donor; I'm a friggin' universal donor! That's right. I'm type O- so I'm attractive to EVerybody. Even better: I'm negative for this one common type of flu virus, so they can use my blood for the preemies. Yeah, I'm all about saving babies. And my shut-in-like lifestyle means I can breeze through all those "risky behavior" questions -- no sex, no needles, no previous sojourns in dirty places like western Europe. My blood is like gold, y'all! And here I am trading it for juice and some Lorna Doones. Is there any way to make money on this deal?


B said...

THANK YOU FOR SINGLE HANDEDLY SAVING THE WORLD! I look at you in a totally different light now. Something like, "We're not worthy of your biochemical superiority!"
Giggle - B

Sassmaster said...

Well, if you or your lot ever need a transfusion, you know who to call..I got your back.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Boomer said...

You are a generous sort.

Night Editor said...

I had no idea I was dining with a Savior! I can't give blood for med reasons but I don't suppose we even each other out because of your heroic efforts.

So fun to see you!