Tuesday, April 24, 2007


OK, so there's a dead possum in my backyard this morning. That is not a metaphor, but an actual dead animal. Isn't a possum a southern animal? Why is it in Minnesota? And more importantly, why is it in my backyard? Did it visit me before? It's a mystery. Also, possums are not attractive animals:

All that and a rat's tail. Yeesh.

I could post a picture of my deceased visitor, but I don't want to gros
s you out. And now I have to dispose of the damn thing. Perhaps I'll have it stuffed and donate it to the Vermillion, S.D., library. They live for that sort of thing.

Any of you naturalists out there know about the habits of possums? Or is there some spiritual significance -- like maybe I had a possum spirit guide but now he's moved on so the turtle can take over or something? So many questions.


cK said...

Eww. We once found a baby possum in my background in Crystal Lake. We called the animal control people, I believe. Or a nature service. I don't recall. I was under the impression they would help the possum. It had fallen out of its mother's pouch, I believe. (A possum still mosies through the yard from time to time.)

Thanks for stopping out yesterday, MC. Great to see you.

mully said...

damn, i thought possums were a southern thing too, until i lived in lincoln, ne..there they roamed the streets in packs, it was disgusting, and a little awe-inspiring...

Elbee said...

Hi. JG and I are drinking wine and watching Charlie Rose interview Bush (this after the Enron documentary on Independent Lens). Oy--enough reason to get drunk. But we think that Betsy and Christopher sent you the possum as a sort of southern calling card.

Night Editor said...

There's so much here to think about. With in-laws from West Virginia, it's hard for me not to tell a road kill/possum soup joke.

We found a dead pigeon in our yard this spring and I wondered if my orange slice/kite string bird thingies I hung out this winter killed it. Then I began to have pigeon guilt. I'm pretty sure you shouldn't have possum guilt--that would be infringing on Dubya and Jeb's territory.

Lots of people have been sighting wild turkeys in their St. Paul backyards this April so maybe one of those Big Toms killed your critter.

Betsy said...

The possum is from me, Mary!

We took my mom even further down south last weekend for her 40-year college reunion in Columbus, Miss., and, on the way, we saw a bunch of armadillo roadkill. Maybe I'll send you some of that good stuff.

Miss you! Love, Betsy

Sassmaster said...

Awww, Betsy! I would have been nicer to him, if he hadn't grossed me out. No wonder he expired -- it must have been a long trip from Memphis.