Sunday, April 1, 2007

S.D. Moms

On tonight's episode of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," they built a house for a family living a few miles outside of Brookings, S.D. It's possible that we could have identified where they were from without being told though: When the family walked through the door of their extravagant house the first time, the mom took one look at the pristine wood floors and yelled, "Take off your shoes!"

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Anonymous said...

That was actually a re-run, but I had the same reaction when it aired the first time. I was totally laughing my ass off.

Oh and by the way, your knitting IS the shiz-knit - fo' rizzle, sizzle! We'll have to introduce you to Libby's cousin Dorothy sometime. She is like the Jedi Master of all type of needlework. Nolan actually refers to her as "that girl who makes us blankets" (despite the fact that she's in her 50's).

Love ya,

JC in NE