Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm No Good at This

More kitchen dithering. I'm not a good shopper, people!
The original cabinets I chose -- plain shaker-style doors in a pretty lightly stained maple -- proved to be beyond my budget. So now I'm going with painted cabinets, maybe in an off-white. What do you think of this door style?

I have to go back out to the cabinet showroom -- I don't know exactly what's available. What about these? I kind of like the more yellowish cast of this color:

I'm going to ask if the paint color on the island can be different -- maybe a smoky blue or an olive green. I'm going to choose a wood floor in a darker warm tone. I love the crisp line where light cabinets meet a wood floor:

Click through for the laminate I've picked for the countertops. What is your advice people? I have no idea what to paint the walls. I wish there was some place to put it together so I could see what it would look like. My brain hurts.

Meanwhile, all the warts have been revealed in the kitchen. The floor has been torn out:

Four layers! There is now a two inch step down from the dining room:

The floor now pitches even more precipitously toward the corner (note the listing stove--not a trick of the light). The remodeling guy called it a "disaster," which was just hyperbole to justify the extra money he's going to charge me to level it, I think. Apparently, all the previous owners subscribed to the "add a layer" school of home remodeling. Somebody should have told them that plywood and drywall don't work well as insulation.
Good news: I think the anxiety has caused me to lose a couple pounds!


Night Editor said...

I love choosing color; it's my favorite part of book design. Here's what you do: go to Benjamin and click on Personal Color Viewer, Kitchen #1 has white cabinets and wood floors. You can pick wall color, accent color, and trim color and see it up on a sample kitchen. I like Umbria Red for wall color and Gentleman's Gray for your island siding. I love the laminate you chose--and who needs granite now that it's all bad for your health?

Good luck. It's going to look great.

Sassmaster said...

Granite's bad for your health? Good grief! Thanks for the tips --you're the best. I do like that Umbria Red. There's a pretty gray green called Sioux Falls!

Night Editor said...

Claire said...

Oh my, decisions, decisions! Good luck with it all, sweetie.