Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Only Thing I Do Now

I pulled down the wallpaper in the kitchen closet, the last remnant of the kitchen decor from when I bought the place. It's good to have finally vanquished it all. Check it:

It's sort of like a cross between a children's picture book and an acid trip. That cow always seemed slightly demonic. Anyway, that was the border at chair-rail level. It was paired with two very busy patterns, the busier one on the bottom. You can kinda tell from this:

I took that photo when I was still considering buying the place. The visual chaos obviously blinded me to the fact that the cabinets weren't attached. Oy.

Meanwhile, electrical work is being done and lighting placement happens tomorrow, leading inexorably to insulation and drywall. Woo-hoo! I picked out some pendant lights for over the island. What do you think?:

I love that red! I also got a new microwave for over the stove:

Mmmm, shiny. Now you'll have to excuse me while I go do my dishes in the laundry tub.


Night Editor said...

Woo-hoo is right.

So nice seeing you and p.s.: I thought of the guy's name in the middle of sleep--Gene Wilder.

suspiciously pleased said...

damn. that border is nigh on terrifying.

I heartily approve of your choice of lamp - so beooo-tiful. LOVE the red.

am also exceedingly jealous of your microwave.

Sassmaster said...

NE: Thank god YOUR mind still works. I was still struggling to remember hours later. It was great to see you, too!

SP: I've known other cases of people being terrorized by borders. My friend Ann said she could see faces in the patterned one in her bedroom, you know, as she lay there trying to sleep in the half dark. She also said it was ridiculously hard to remove...
Come over and use my microwave anytime.

Hybrid Fat-n-Sassy said...

I never noticed how satanic your border was until now. I bet if you added up the ears of corn or the petals on the sunflowers you would keep coming up with 666.

Thumbs way up on the red lamp!

Anonymous said...

Always on Extreme Home Makeover, I love the family story at the beginning, and then I zone in and out while they do the hard construction work, and then I excitedly return to the television at 20 til so I can see the reveal. So that's how I'm consoling myself about not getting to see you in the Twin Cities right now. By the time I come back to visit, I'll be all ready for the big kitchen reveal. It's exciting!

Much love,

Sassmaster said...

OMG, I do the same thing! I promise to cry and yell "Oh my God!" over and over when you come to visit.

It always kills me when the dads cry about how they couldn't provide the home themselves. How can Ty Pennington by both a cypher and an evil genius? And SO yell-y!