Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mad House

Your endless efforts to distract yourself while you wait to hear more about my kitchen are now over! I can't imagine how you filled the hours. I, for one, have been alternately quivering with rage, silently despairing, and staring blankly into the middle distance. This is what I've learned from my adventure: I hate remodeling with the white hot heat of a thousand suns.

Right! On to the photos:

A vast expanse of countertop! I imagine four people chopping vegetables at the same time--come on over. Bring carrots!

It's island-living here in land-locked St. Paul.

Dig the pull-out garbage/recycling -- so tidy!

The refrigerator is still in the dining room, but the liquor has already been stowed in the cupboard above, per family tradition:

The desk! I'm going to be redonkulously organized:

I leave you with the pretty floor:

There's lots of trim still to go up and a closet door, but I now have heat, which is a nice change of pace. I think I can see the end from here.
In eyeball news, my cataract surgery is scheduled for November 11, so there's that. Once I've recovered and the remodelers are gone, I hope to be doing absolutely nothing for weeks on end. Though that plan will be foiled by the holidays... Loafing in January. Who's with me?

P.S.: Several friends just read "silently despairing" and spit out their coffee. "Yeah, silent despair might have been nice, lady." I'd like to give a shout-out to k80, who was very supportive through all my first-thing-in-the-morning rants, Roxy, who soothed me with Ikea therapy, and Fiffy, who had the bad luck to call just as I got home from work one day, when I answered the phone with angry yelling. Sorry for the ringing ears, guys.


K80 said...

Aww, I'm there for ya! Bitching is no fun without friends! Dare I say your remodel was worth it? It sure looks like it. As I scrolled through the pix, I couldn't help but notice the styled props on the counters and the desk—but wait! Those are sassmaster's actual belongings, back in their rightful places! I love the warm colors and textures mixed with modern accents such as stainless, brushed steel and funky pendant lights! Question: Do all Midwestern households keep their liquor above the fridge?

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen looks fabulous! And, I think not only Midwestern households keep their liquor above the fridge, but Southern households do, also.

We just keep ours out on the cabinet for easy access.

You need to have some kind of party to celebrate your new kitchen. I will volunteer to be one of the four people who chops veggies or something.

Betsy said...

Your kitchen looks beautiful! I love it, love it, love it!

I can't wait to hear your remodeling horror stories in person. I miss bitching with you!

We have rats. Rats, Mary. They're huge roof rats. I worry I'll see one carrying away Mister Tuppence by the scruff. And the rat catcher isn't coming until Friday. Argh!

Sassmaster said...

Betsy that is not even possible. I refuse to believe that your beautiful little house has rats! I'm so sorry!! Should I send you a BB gun? Would it help to imagine them talking like Templeton from Charlotte's Web, in the Paul Lynde voice?

Girlfriend, you have to come back to MN. Not many rats here ... just sayin'

Night Editor said...

Your kitchen looks terrific. Love the desk and the island and all use of the spaces. Sorry you had to pull your hair out getting the contractors to do right by you. Think how warm and fuzzy you'll feel tonight when you reach up into that high cabinet for the Scotch to toast the new Prez tonight.

suspiciously pleased said...

So beautiful. SOOOO beautiful!!!

Do we dare are ourselves the question . . . was it worth it?

No. Don't answer that yet. Let the white hot rage os a thousand suns subside for a few weeks . . .

Betsy said...

Mary, if my rats start talking to me, I'm going to freak out.

I think I might already have the bubonic plague. I'm so glad the rat catcher is coming tomorrow.

Are you loving your kitchen? Are you loving it?

Sassmaster said...

I am loving my kitchen -- the bitterness has started to drain away, though the contractors are still underfoot. A friend came over last weekend and we made pancakes. I'm eating homemade food again. My indigestion is subsiding, and I really enjoy being in my new kitchen. So if I can stay solvent, all should be well. When are you coming to see it B.? Will you be around at Xmas?

Betsy said...

I'm coming to town for the entire week of Christmas. It will be magical. May I chop carrots with you and two others in your new kitchen?

Kathleen said...


Denise's niece Kathy from Duluth here ... it's been really fun watching your kitchen come together. Have you considered doing a before-and-after series?