Thursday, October 9, 2008

Out of the Darkness

I've got Lights! Lots of them -- in the ceiling, under the cabinets, over the island, over the desk, outside the back door. It's a twinkling, Christmas tree of a room now! And outlets, oh my God the outlets. It's sort of ridiculous, really, how many there are. The plumbers were there today, which may mean I'll have heat and a stove tonight. Haaaaa Haahhhahahha HEEeee haa haa haaaaaaaaaa (shrieking maniacal laughter). Countertops arrive tomorrow, perhaps to be installed the same day? That seems preposterous, but you never know. Ooo, then a sink. (hehehheh ohmy woo-ahoh) I feel a little dizzy. Good times!


hammersox said...

So where are the pictures?!?!!

Sassmaster said...

Well since I'm this close to the end, I was thinking I'd wait and give you a true "after" photo. That's the way they do it on the makeover shows-- you see bits and pieces, but they force you to stay tuned until the end to see the finished product. (God, I'm such a tool of the media)

And anyway, I have no heat, the countertops are not installed, and the sink isn't in. Also, the plumbers managed to put two long scratches in my brand new floor, so that's got to be fixed. I'm afraid to even go home, y'all -- could be good, could be a disaster.