Monday, September 29, 2008


Winfred-ians!* Did you know that a Twig is the head of the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission (i.e. the owners of the Metrodome)? Roy Terwilliger, born in Winfred....What a networking opportunity! I'll use my questionable "press" credentials to get invited to some party he's at, sidle up to him, bond over our shared knowledge of the Winfred literati, and weasel some Vikings season tickets out of him. It can't fail! Unless he moved away at age 5 or something, and never met a Wettlaufer or hung out at Virg's.

Of course, he has other things on his mind at present.

*Note to non-Winfred-ians: Winfred, S.D., is my hometown and Terwilligers took up at least half of it.

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Elbee said...

This is my favorite Wikipedia nugget about Winfred:

Although not tracked by the Census Bureau, Winfred has been assigned the ZIP code of 57076.

So is Winfred using that ZIP on the sly? Pulling a big one over on the Census Bureau? You devils.