Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Shiz-knit

I finally finished a project that's been in my knitting pile for a few months. I though I'd celebrate by sharing the last steps with you.

Knitting is complete with one large rectangle and two long strips, which when assembled. . .

are a large floppy bag.

Then, through the chemistry of hot water and wool, we achieve The Felted Bag:

The bag is smaller, but sturdier. Also soft and fuzzy. You should come over and feel it sometime. Cool!


Boomer said...

That is so way cool. Thanks for sharing.

Night Editor said...

After I make a few more loaves of bread and feel somewhat established in that new domestic art, I so want to learn some kind of fabric art. (I have a sewing machine deep in the back of a closet I'm going to haul out soon!) I love your bag!

Sassmaster said...

N.E., may I recommend the Textile Center on University? They have some cool classes, and the arty stuff they have hanging about is inspiring. See

Good times!

Night Editor said...

Look at how fast this works! I'm going to sign up for one of their last April classes. Shiz-zam.

And, btw, I wanted to clarify bread baking is as old as the hills; it is just me who is new to it!