Monday, October 1, 2007

Angry Bed Positions

Much crabbiness was dispelled this afternoon by some Mil Millington hilarity.

"The 'X' position is a declaration that both performers are convinced that they have God on their side and is quite often accompanied by abrupt, snatching attempts to achieve duvet hegemony and aggressive, warning displays of pillow straightening."

See also his 2006 Christmas letter. He is SO my Internet boyfriend.


Boomer said...

He is just too funny.

Night Editor said...

My god, I've actually performed all the positions, including sleeping on a towel under a hotel bathroom sink. Sheez.

This is brilliant.

cK said...


I don't aggressively fluff pillows, but I do fidget for the first 2 minutes attempting to sleep. It will probably soon lead to the Muse kicking the crap out of me. Literally.

Elbee said...

John's favorite is a pillow over his head, which apparently allows him to sleep through my shower and Lily's morning allotment of PBS cartoonage. The best was when I found Lily sleeping with a pillow over *her* head.