Monday, October 8, 2007

Hateful Crap

I knew there was a reason I don't see movies anymore:

Warner Bros president of production Jeff Robinov has made a new decree that "We are no longer doing movies with women in the lead". This Neanderthal thinking comes after both Jodie Foster's The Brave One ... and Nicole Kidman's The Invasion (as if three different directors didn't have something to do with the awfulness of the gross receipts) under-performed at the box office recently.

Meanwhile, they misspelled Foster's name on the movie posters. Hollywood is awesome!


Night Editor said...

I love the line from one of the bloggers covering this mishap: "You can bet that person will never spell in this town again."

Boomer said...

Thanks for sharing NE, I missed that quote when following the links, but I laughed just now.

Boomer said...

No movies for you? I just went on a movie binge while dogsitting this past weekend. Sandra Bullock was the lead in 28 Days. I thought it was good, but I'm guessing a movie about recovery with a male lead wouldn't have grossed any better.

Do you really think that bozo said that?

cK said...

Well, it makes more sense to risk losing your shirts on male leads in a film. For example, WaterWorld. Because in the case of those movies, you can at least point to the outrageous special effects budget and say you tried.

I guess the women just aren't given enough of a swollen budget to redirect the financial criticism.