Friday, October 5, 2007

"A Self-Hurt Book"

Jon Stewart questions Chris Matthews' recipe for success. Awesomely!


Lollie said...

My friend's claim to fame was that she kissed John Stewart in her 20s...I wish it had been me. He's the bombdiggity.

cK said...

Awesome clip.

But what was with that weird Looney Tunes like thing Stewart was doing? He lean away, clasp his hands, and raise them towards his face. It's the sort of thing Bugs would do in love or Elmer would do in fear.

Night Editor said...

TGFJS: Thank God for Jon Stewart.

Sassmaster said...

cK, JS always does that stuff. It's his way of being disarming. Like he knows he has to ask the aggressive question, but he tries to diffuse the anger so it doesn't turn into an O'Reilly deal.

He's my boyfriend ... nobody understands him like I do. [insert stalker laugh]

Boomer said...

Thanks for that, Sassmaster. What a great way to start my day. You are lucky to have such a brilliant boyfriend. When I say that I love him and would do anythiing, absolutely anything, for him, I mean that in a non-threatening way. Please dont hurt me.