Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ancestral Antics

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Dude! So I was dinking around on, 'cause you can make these cool family trees. Also, there is an absurd amount of infomation online about my material grandmother's family. However, having entered information going back six generations, I found that two of my maternal grandmother's grandparents were first cousins. Which makes her parents second cousins. Oy, those crazy Germans.
So. If you are aware of any pronounced peculiarities in my nature, you know what the problem is.


Anonymous said...

Careful there, sis. I have taken college courses in Livestock Breeding&Genetics, and I lived in South Carolina for three years. This pretty much makes me an expert on the subject of inbreeding. You overstated the relationship between our maternal great grandparents - they were third cousins, not second. This greatly reduces the likelihood of any genetic abnormalities. Besides, that was the German side of the family tree. As dad always says, Irish does not dilute well. We're fine...... no really, were fine!


Sassmaster said...

How do you figure they're third cousins? Second cousins are people who have the same great-grandparents. Mary Klinkhammer and Anton Lethert had the same great-grandparents.

All my genes seem to be working toward a sort of anxiety-riddled workaholic lifestyle coupled with a taste for living in squalor. Wonder which one that came from?

Night Editor said...

Funny! I'll have to try out sometimes. But my mom is already mortified that my grandpa (my dad's father) married my great-grandma (my mom's paternal grandmother). So I wouldn't want to drum up anything else to frighten her.
I love the name Mary Klinkhammer. Anton's not bad, either!

Glad all is okay for you re: bridge falling.

Sassmaster said...

Weirdly, there's a big family of Klinkhammers in my hometown, too. Perhaps we're distantly related? It is a great name, though.

Elbee said...

Anton is on the table if the next Gehner is a boy. It was my great-grandfather's name (Anton Muenstermann). What do you think? Ya or no?

Sassmaster said...

I love it, elbee, and make Muenstermann his middle name. Dang, that is awesome.

Night Editor said...

elbee: count me in for Anton, too!