Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Holy. Crap.

I'm fine, y'all. Thanks for the message, Lollie. I don't use that bridge every day, but it's damn close to where I work. I can NOT believe the extent of the collapse. I heard about it on the radio and imagined a piece of the bridge having fallen. But the WHOLE thing...?

I can't really think of many things scarier than being in a car on a bridge that is collapsing. Those poor people. But family has called. Friends are OK. Send your good energy this way.


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Elbee said...

OMG. I'm sitting here on the couch in tears and shock. I drove over that bridge every day after Redleaf moved north of St. Paul. Non sequitur: It's weird to see Rybak and Pawlenty on national television.

So glad you are ok. Hang in. We are thinking of you and all our other Twin Cities pals.