Wednesday, March 7, 2007

7 Things I'm Trying to Figure Out Today

1. Whether or not to chuck the pen that's not so much writing as stuttering.
It would be wasteful to throw it out prematurely. There are also the five pink highlighters that will only work for three lines or less. What? They can do three lines!

2. If you're a company's in-house counsel, in what instances do you think about hiring outside counsel?
The fate of my article rests on the zzzzzzz....

3. What the hell does this "writer" mean by "'one-company' view"?
Jargon is the bane of my existence. The Bane! *shakes fist at sky*

4. Why does that one intern have so many hats?

Seriously. One for every outfit.

5. If I actually finished reading the backlog of New Yorkers stacked next to my bed, would I be better off?
Would it make me a better person, or would I just feel less guilty?

6. What the hell is wrong with Ann Coulter?
Is she really as horrible as she seems, or is she just insane and to be pitied?

7. What should I post to the blog today?
This is all I came up with.


Hulles said...

Well. I misread item #3 as "argon is the bane of my existence. The Bane!" (thought the "J" was punctuation of some sort).

As you can imagine I was nonplussed to see you so vehement about argon. Hmm, I thought, must not be such an inert gas after all. It must be one of the evil gases and I never knew it. Since you know me (sort of) by now you can imagine that I went off into a land of "Argon, Our Misunderstood Friend!" Then I saw the "J". Dang.

cK said...

I love this list.

And Ann Coulter, while being insane, does not deserve pity. She deserves to be locked in a cell with a plexiglas front. When transported, she should be put in straight jacket, roped to a dolly, and caged in a mask.

Sassmaster said...

Amen cK. And taunted by schoolchildren. Oh wait, I think that's her job.