Monday, March 5, 2007

Stuffed Up

As usual, I had hoped to add a post yesterday, preferably one that displayed profound insight into the human condition. Perhaps something about our definitions of sin and the punishment for wickedness and incompetence (I'm very fond of punishment for incompetence). But I've got a cold and my sinuses are stuffed up. I "slept" semi-upright on the couch after having taken too much decongestant. There will be no profundities. Maybe you are relieved.

You're a shining star. No matter who you are.


cK said...

Big hugs, friend, only from a comfortable distance or in a Hazmat suit, for I don't want the South Dakota Bird Flu! (Also known as "Gravel Time Flu")

Hulles said...

Erf, Wind and Fire if I recall correctly. Get the hell well soon. And I added your blog to my site, hope that's okay with you.

Sassmaster said...

Yay links! Thanks Hulles. It IS EW&F. I liked your Richard Thompson reference. I love "Vincent Black Lightning." It always makes cry and I'm crazy for sad songs. I also love Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, especially the part when he imagines himself being menaced by lizards in the desert and explaining such to a cop. "Filthy bags of poison!" Ah, yes.

Somewhere I have a t-shirt with the Ralph Steadman illustration of the "lounge lizards." Appropriately, it has a bunch of holes in it because an ex-boyfriend barfed on it. While I was wearing it. The stomach acid burned clean through it. Good times.

Hulles said...

I can't believe we aren't Siamese twins separated at birth. Wear your Steadman t-shirt to our next HBAS (as cK calls it) get-together so I can barf on it too. I'm jealous.