Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dandy Pants

I had a divine weekend in South Dakota with these adorable people:
There was a bit of a hootenanny, some thrift store shopping, costumed taxidermy, and a couple of lovely meals with an up and coming British chef. Frankly, Minneapolis and St. Paul are going to have do a bit of work to keep me here. What have you done for me lately T.C.?
After all that bliss, Al's new favorite video "Candy Pants" was almost more than I could handle:

Be sure to stayed tuned for the interview at the end.


Hulles said...

Costumed taxidermy? Um...hate to sound naive (again!) but is this something else that I should know about? I certainly have some nice mental images, though....

Sassmaster said...

It's a muskrat and a pheasant (called by their keeper, Muskie and Fez) that reside in the Vermillion, S.D., city library. Believe it or not, it is noted in my friend Renee's job description that she must dress these festive creatures in seasonal costume. When I was there, they were still sporting their green felt jackets for St. Patrick's day. Muskie was holding a construction paper bucket with gold coins and Fez had a top hat. There was a rainbow.

Renee is currently plotting their Easter get-ups. We brought her a string egg from the thrift store, and she thought she might make it look like Fez was coming out of it.

I hope to have pictures to show you soon, in case you think this is a product of my fevered imagination.

Of course, South Dakota is ALL about the dead animals.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Candy Pants, dead animals, and sober-iety!

Check yer e-mail, sister.


Little Bro in NE

shining example of human potential said...

hey, you! i sent you pix of the becostumed taxidermery!!! how can you leave curious peeps like hulles mulling over the 79 words you offer him in your comment when i have given you the equivelent of several thousand words with those 2 pictures!!??!!

Sassmaster said...

I sent you an e-mail about those pictures. I couldn't download them so you'll have to post them yourself. Plus I don't like that picture of myself. I look gross. At least in the other one you took, my hair was covering part of my face.