Thursday, March 29, 2007

Muskie and the Fez

Alrighty. At last, you may behold the wonder of, as Al puts it, "the becostumed dead" of Vermillion, S.D. There are gold coins in Muskie's bucket and please note: the taxidermist made it so that his little paws swivel from the wrist like a doll's. Above, the lovely librarian fusses over the small details of their outfits. She likes to sing them a little song to the tune of "Chico and the Man."

Fez has a rainbow that may be because of Muskie's pot of gold, or may be because of the love he has for that muskrat—that dare not speak its name.


cK said...

Brilliant! I'm assembling my crack team of thieves as we (don't?) speak.

Biding my time,
-Hudson Hawk

Boomer said...

oooh. now i see why they've been so quiet about this treasure.