Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Art is Good for Things

No time to post today so just blatant ripping off of copyrighted material. These are from Lynda Barry's book The! Greatest! of! Marlys! Click on the images to get them in a readable size.

Which other child of the '70s out there remembers the Big Daddy Roth cartoons? I seem to remember my brother Paul doing his own versions of them. They are all mixed up in my head with old copies of Mad magazine and its parodies that I didn't always get.


LaCosta (Lollie) said...

I don't remember Big Daddy Roth, but Mad Magazine stickers abund in my head. Best friend Melissa's brother, Jimmy, had them plastered all over his bedroom door. "A little bit of nukie never hurt anybody" was one that I recall, as well as a woman's boob popping out of her strapless dress...the caption reading "POIT!"

Hulles said...

I remember Ed(?) Roth, and the Rat Finks he created, very well indeed. You used to be able to buy plastic Rat Finks in gumball machines.

My favorite Mad Magazine sticker said "They also surf who only stand on waves." It was years before I finally got the allusion.