Tuesday, June 19, 2007

S.D. Redux: Wedding Bugaloo

This dress probably looked better earlier in the day, but this is when I got around to my photo opportunity.

It was probably after that George Strait song, when everybody crowded the dance floor and sang along:

They call me the fireman
That's my name
Makin' my rounds all over town
Puttin' out old flames

I love that song! It was also after I danced with the groom to Johnny Cash's "Big River." Awesome. Here's the big G with niece Bridget. She was following the bride around as though she was Barbie come to life. So cute!

She is a lovely bride. Maybe Bridget's onto something.

Farm equipment was called into play to haul the wedding party around town.

At the dance, Jerry and Tony here offered testimonials advocating a cooking device called the Big Green Egg and explained the best way to capture a snapping turtle without getting bit. I love those guys!

Brothers danced with their wives: Aww.

Cool skirt action, Sue.

Lib was wearing her son's shoes 'cause they were more comfortable. How is he that big already!?

Those boys are dancin' fools. There were also touching speeches, standing around the parking lot drinking beer, a great band, good stories, and catching up with folks. All in all, the quintessential Howard experience.


Night Editor said...

You're like a bloomin' flower among all those cowboys! Love the dress and those nails are perfection. Like that guy's car shirt behind you, too!

Lollie said...

I heart me a good wedding. We just got our album back (after a year and a half thank you) and were happily recalling the day's events. *sigh*

mully said...

the rural wedding, there is nothing like it.

Boomer said...

yeah, i kind of teared up a bit. love the farm equipment limo and you looked smashing.

Elbee said...

Hey, the bride has a bouquet of Gerbera daisies, which were also my wedding flowers. And you look beyond fetching, my dear. What fun. Thanks for posting. (And thanks again for transport and socializing last week. It was great to see you.)