Monday, June 4, 2007

SoDak, Day I

It was a jam-packed good time in S.D., starting the minute I walked in the door. Master Tom and family came in to share his birthday cake and ice cream with Grandpa and Aunt Mary. What an honor! Here's the birthday boy:

Even more adorable in person, I assure you. His dad knows:

He's givin' a shout-out to his Paw-Paw in Indiana, who he knows reads Aunt Mary's blog. See you in two weeks Paw-Paw!

I ran across this vignette at Tom's house. His stroller doubles as transport for the bottles, when his mom is also caring for the calves. It's been raining like mad and everthing is muddy, so cute boots come in handy.

Dad and I had a nice dinner out (steak, naturally) before the next day's hardcore partying.

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Mikeswife said...

WOW! Thanks for the fantastic weekend! We love ya - M&B