Tuesday, June 5, 2007

SoDak, Day II

We can wedding shower with the pros, y'all. My sisters-in-law are all over it like white on rice. Becky hosted in her lovely house, and Susan worked some culinary magic. Her centerpiece was crab salad served in a martini glass with olives on a toothpick and shrimp garnish. Please note the seasoned salt around the rim. Genius!

Later on, we hit the road, blithely flouting the open container laws but with designated driver behind the wheel (Thanks Michelle!). Rowdiness and erotic baked goods ensued. That's the bride in white and tiara.

The evening took its toll. The ride back was a little quieter.

It revived briefly when we converged with the bachelors. Bickett here is just one of a crowd of storytelling farmers produced by Winfred, S.D. They are charmers; resistance is futile.


Next of Kin said...

Hi sweetie,
Great pics! Do you have any blackmail type photos from the bachelorette party? May come in handy?!!! Thanks for all you did this weekend (not the least of which included dragging my sorry butt home post party) See you in what, 10 days? 10 days!!!!

Night Editor said...

Ymm, crab salad and olives: a lunch martini we can all have! I like those storytelling farmers, too.

Lollie said...

The before and after in the car tell the entire story - hilarious.

ps - I'm all about that martini app. I'm going to do that this weekend.

Sassmaster said...

Sorry NOK, I cannot betray the sisterhood. Seems like we could blackmail Brian Hodne, but he has no shame. Dang! 10 days! I need some naps.