Monday, September 17, 2007


I cannot believe I have a legitimate reason to share my most favorite bumper sticker with all y'all:

But I do! Meet Red Feather, newest addition to my brother's family. Here he is with Ben and Abby and Tess the dog:

It's every kid's dream! Except Kate. Her mother reports that she is pony-indifferent but excited that she can climb to the top of the ladder. Atta girl!


Lollie said...

I love that pony! I will, however, point out that the pony is neither red nor has a feather. (Can you attach one to his/her tail?)

Sassmaster said...

Yes, apparently that name was to appease my brother. He had a pony named Red Feather in our early childhood.

Night Editor said...

I wish my kids could have more of that kind of life, ponies and such. One of my urban actually ran from a grazing cow on a visit to southern Minn. But urban or rural, I do love a self-confident look on any kid--and this one of Kate on the ladder.

Sassmaster said...

I KNOW. I love that look, too. She's my godchild, but she gets her self confidence from her mom, I think.