Monday, September 17, 2007


... I'm going to have an orange kitty.

I might name him Cheeto. Or maybe Peaches.


Hybrid Fat-n-Sassy said...


Sassmaster said...

OMG, I forgot about Cheedle. Honoring both my love of cheese dust and Don Cheadle.

Whiskeymarie said...

I vote for cheedle.
Can I use it if I ever decide to breed?
Cheedle Von Partypants- it kind of has a nice ring to it.

Lollie said...

I vote for Cheedle! We are going to get a Siamese kitten and a French Bulldog puppy when my cat kicks off. The Bulldog will be called Meow Meow and the cat will be named Pudge.

Anonymous said...

In my life I have had the pleasure of having 3 orange tabby cats
1. Pigpen
2. Patches
3. Dill (yes like the pickle)
Dill was quite a mouser and one particularly good (or bad for the ice) week in the fall of 2003, he had 7 confirmed kills unfortunately it was all inside the house...eeew I guess that is why some people do not live in old farmhouses.


Sassmaster said...

Yes, I think we grossed out more than one houseguest with mice. Welcome to farm livin'!

My elderly cat still likes to kill things and bring them to me. So thoughtful! I walked out onto the deck a few days ago and found him chewing on something, with two bird legs sticking out of his mouth. He's like a cartoon, that one.