Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baby Steps

A few more progress photos--new insulation with vapor barrier. Sexy!

Look at all the outlets! Also, you can see the colors on the scrap wood. The off-white is for the wall and base cabinets, the brown is the island and the gold is for the walls.

You like? I'm totally recreating my mom's kitchen of the '70s -- brown appliances, gold carpet -- except it wasn't intentional, I swear! Then there was drywall... Check out the alcove to the left of the back door, where my new desk will be:

Yesterday, the neighbors probably heard me yelling for joy -- I have a back door for the first time in a month. Isn't it pretty?:

Please note the convenient blinds, encased between two panes of glass:

Almost as exciting as outlets! (You think I'm kidding.)

My mood is only marginal, with evenly spaced nervous breakdowns. Yesterday was a bright spot, though, with the door and my friend and co-worker Denise making me a hotdish and green beans to last a week. You guys, so good. I've been fantisizing lately about the humblest of meals. Thanks D. -- they'd canonize you if you weren't Lutheran.

I'm starting to get rid of furniture I won't need. Anybody looking for a desk or a pink dresser with mirror? The latter is tres shabby chic:

Bargain basement prices, y'all!


Night Editor said...

I love you've got that nook for a new desk!

Anonymous said...

Looking good! Looking good!

Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

I love it! The colors, the blinds, the door, the alcove, THE OUTLETS - OH, THE OUTLETS!! If you haven't noticed, we have outlets every 3 feet in the new part of the house. I LOVE outlets! We check everyday for updates. Keep the info coming.
Love - B & Brother Mike

Next of Kin said...

Cool door! Keeps the blinds from floppin all over when you slam it. Project looks great! I bet the anticipation is growing.....

Sassmaster said...

I just got the word that cabinets are next on the agenda -- in a week and a half to two weeks. Then I measure for countertops and they'll be two weeks to delivery. So the stove could be back in a couple weeks, but the sink and the heat maybe in the first part of October? I'm excited, but also soooo over it. I imagine it's sort of like pregnancy. I will both love and resent my kitchen, reminding it regularly of the pains I went through to make it happen. Or maybe a rush of endorphins will make me forget all about remodeling and immediately begin planning for the next project. Am I right, moms?

B: I'm glad you like the colors -- I know I must be on right track, 'cause your taste is impeccable.

NOK: It's to keep the blinds CLEAN. Not that I ever clean my blinds or anything. Which would be the point, I guess.

Anonymous said...

The pregnancy anology is perfect. I'm still laughing. Can't wait to see the plans for the next project! ha -B