Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Name Calling

If Sarah Palin were my mom, my name would be Tank Dent. And you? Ask the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator.

By the way, I don't think the Republicans know what the work "sexist" means. Tip to the GOP: Poking fun at a candidate on SNL probably doesn't qualify, unless some kind of offensive word was used. Pundits commenting on her looks and clothes rather than addressing her policy positions? Yeah, that's a bigger issue.

And while I'm up, feminism is not about the elevation of one woman. Nominating a woman to high office doesn't make her or you a feminist. Working for the rights, equality, and well being of all women does, so you need to shut up about that, 'cause your track record isn't so good in that area.


Anonymous said...

Right On, Sister!

We've got to go for a drink!


michelle said...

Hi from Missle Blunt Palin. What a cool website....

How's the house coming? Need some more photos.