Sunday, September 28, 2008


OK, so the cabinets are installed but it wasn't a slam dunk. There are some issues. I had good cry about it, then got mad, then had an idea how to fix it, then had a reasonable conversation with my remedelor. (This is known as the Four Stages of the Remodeling Grief.* It's in the DSM.) You really should wait to call, at least until after the crying is over.

But I will say this: I wish I'd ordered stock cabinets from Lowes or someplace. This "custom cabinet" business is bull. Or at least the guy doing mine is a pain.
However, on to the pictorial:

Everything is good here. As is should be. I'm not sure about my color choices now, 'cause the walls and cabinets seem a little monochromatic -- all blending into each other without enough contrast. But the black counters and dark floor may change the look?

Here's my desk area. I'm sitting here right now! With my makeshift plywood countertop. That cabinet to the left is super big, y'all! But here's where the trouble begins:

That cabinet to the right of the refrigerator opening is kind of stuck in that corner -- can you see it? The wall bumps out right in front of it to house some plumbing. A few weeks ago I said to the cabinet guy, "Are you sure the cabinet door will open in that corner? It's very tight." He assured me it was no problem. Yeah, not so much:

I guess he thought part way would be good enough? Yeah, maybe part of his money will have to be good enough. Jerk. Anyhoo, I think my GC will be able to reframe that bumped out wall with an angle to allow room for the cabinet door.

In other jackassery, the cabinet doors don't match the drawer fronts. You can kinda see on the island:

The cabinets doors are the plain, flat-panel style I ordered, and the drawer fronts are just solid with no style at all. I have no idea why, and the cabinet knucklehead will be fixing it, though he may not be aware of it yet.
Meanwhile, I spent a pleasant hour and a half ordering my countertops from Lowes this evening from Neal, a ridiculously competent and detailed guy in the kitchen department. It took so long, both because he was making sure everything was correct and because we were having a pleasant conversation. I wish to God I'd ordered my cabinets from him. Oh well, spilled milk and all.
My mood has improved, and I'm able to appreciate the presence of cabinets. (Sqeeeee!) Once the final drywall taping and sanding is done (this week?), I may even be able to put away some of my drop cloths. My lifestyle would be improved significantly at that point.
*Please note that you do not go through the Four Stages once, but many, many times during the remodeling process.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for the screw up, but from where I sit, the cabinets look SO GOOD! At least, you know, the refrigerator opens. That's the important thing!

With affection,

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed this post. I love the look! The colors are fantastic together. However, I do know the feeling when things don't jive for ya - thus 3 layers of paint in each room of our house. Can't wait to see the floor. I too had the same trouble with drawer fronts. I applaud your efforts to correct the situation... I settled. I have found Walter - my Lowes cabinet guy. I love him and plan to spend lots of time with him when doing cabinets for the little red house. Can't wait for more photos!

B & M

Sassmaster said...

I may settle on the drawer fronts, too. He's saying it was a "misunderstanding" because the solid style is standard and if I wanted the shaker-style on the drawers, I had to specifically ask for it. I love it when people assume the answers to questions you don't even know to ask. Gah!

He says he'd change it just for his cost, but I'm waiting to hear how much that is. I may cave just so I don't have to talk to him again.

I wish I was more like my friend Renee who'd just as soon ask for her money back as look at you. She's good.

Thanks for the comments!!