Sunday, January 28, 2007

Crazy in the Woods

For those who haven't heard the story (how did you manage to avoid me?), I went canoeing in the Boundary Waters in October for a week with Denise, Joe, and Ben. We ended up doing some unintentional winter camping, to the tune of six inches or so of snow. I know this is old news, but one has to milk these foolhardy nature adventures for all their worth. It helps justify having been cold, wet, and mildly terrified. On vacation.

More to the point, Joe (our fearless leader) sent some more photographic evidence. (Of course, I assume you all think I've been exaggerating.)

One morning we found ourselves breaking ice as we paddled. That's me taking point, y'all! When we finally reached the portage, we took a picture of the trail we had blazed. That's Joe reveling in the snowfall.

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Kathleen Grigg said...

Hey there! This is Kathy Grigg from Duluth -- we met after you and Denise came out of the Boundary Waters ...

these pictures are quite beautiful from the outside. Then again, I'm not the one canooing...