Thursday, January 25, 2007


From the blog of Jimmy Gaines:
Product idea: A flask that, when tipped up, displays messages that you can read while drinking ala the magic 8-ball.
"Church is halfway over"
"She's a bitch anyway"
"Problem solved"
"'Guilty, my ass!"
"One day I'll show them. I'll show them all!"
I wish I saw that guy more often.


cK said...

The first time I met Jimmy Gains he waxed poetic about the invention of mass produced soap and how it must have been a boon to oral sex.

The second time I met him he told me about how he'd once painted on canvas with his ass. He'd dipped his cheeks and sat on the canvas. Later, when it (the canvas) was hanging, his girlfriend's mother saw it. She said something to the effect of, "This painting remind me of boxing gloves."

He told Dankert, "I've found the greatest song ever." He gave Jim a CD on which he'd burned the song. On it he'd written GREATEST SONG EVER.

Boomer said...

Who is this Jimmy Gains?

Sassmaster said...

Gaines is a friend of Dankert's who has a preternatural ability for getting into odd, story-worthy situations. He hangs out with that whole Austin crowd. He might have been at Down by Iowa. "PLAY JACKSON!"