Thursday, January 18, 2007


Ohmigod, y'all! The site went down as I was nearing the end of a long post -- all was lost. I'm stomping off to bed in a huff. I'll see ya tomorrow.


cK said...

I object!!

Anonymous said...


I can totally relate to the lost data. There are no obscenities strong enough to fully convey that feeling.

I'm not sure why you can't remember Sage. He and I were pretty thick. He's Doyle's eldest son, if that helps any. I agree he does good work. I think you can really appreciate some of his hometown reminisces if you get the time to read him. Oh and by the way, he's not in the Ukraine. He's just completely full of shit.


Sassmaster said...

John, it seems so weird that I don't remember someone that you've been friends with for so long. Lord knows I've heard you talk about him. Perhaps he's overshadowed in my head with the specter of Bickett.

God bless Bickett.