Monday, January 22, 2007

Get Yer Ya-Yas Out

I finally walked the tens of feet necessary to check out the Sunday night Cajun action at Half Time Rec. The Cajun Hot Soles were playing (fantastic!), and the place was jumping. No feet were spared in the dancing. In fact, many people changed out of sneakers or boots into smooth soled dancing shoes—the corners of the bar were piled with shoes and coats. The steps do involve a lot of shuffling, and I think my "sticky" shoes were interfering with my moves. (Oh. I have moves.)

The band featured Pop Wagner and his ten gallon hat on fiddle. (In a surreal coincidence, one of the interns here has that photo of him as her desktop background. I've been a little freaked out by his mustache as I walk by her desk. I'm happy to say that it's not nearly as alarming in person.)

I'd definitely recommend the Rec-reation, if only for the people-watching. One white-haired gentleman sported a truly inventive comb-over: Except for a fringe around the back at his neck, all the hair was combed up toward the crown of his head and arranged into a modified pompadour. Nice.


cK said...

Cool comb-over. I would have gone just for that.

And with my digital camera frenzy of late I probably would have photographed it. A guy pulling that better welcome the public's awe...just as Wagner welcomes mustache awe. (I'm not going as far as envy because I find mustaches to be really weird.)

I've yet to take a breath in the Rec since they had to go smoke-free. Could my lungs adapt to a non-carcinogenic environment? A classic fish out of water storyline....

Sassmaster said...

I thought of you and your camera when I saw that comb-over. Words really don't do it justice.

I've gotta find out what you're shooting with. As I begin to imitate you in all respects (flattery! highest form!), I'll clearly need to add photos to my blog and I have no digital camera. The images from eR's wedding are super! What's your brand?

cK said...

I'm using (and abusing) a Canon PowerShot A530. As Sharapova says, "Make every shot a power shot!" I will, Maria. I will.