Saturday, January 13, 2007


I heartily approve Time's choice for Person of the Year. You have always meant so much to me, and I'm so pleased that you've been recognized in this way. You really do represent the heights of human achievement.

I finally got around to reading the issue. The feature package included a rather patronizing profile of the the two YouTube founders, which somehow made them appear both savvy and clueless. Like they've made all this money, but they don't really deserve it. One of them is described thusly:

"Chad Meredith Hurley has the lanky and languorous carriage of a teenager who just rolled out of bed. He wears a stubble beard over a complexion that doesn't see enough sun, and he has a habit of pushing his chin-length hair back from his forehead so that by the end of the day it's a bit oily and Gordon Gekko-ish."

Ish, indeed.

Those crazy geeks are still loving their Interweb, I guess.

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