Tuesday, January 23, 2007

God's Waiting Room Has Great Art

I wish I was in Florida this week. Buk's having a show. Congrats Buk! I love your firing techniques—you seem to be putting that kiln to good use. But you also seem to have significantly reduced your use of pointy shards of metal, which makes me wistful.

I still tell people the story of emptying out that storage space of yours in Verm, in which you were keeping random shards of metal in boxes made of like, two by fours. For maximum portability, as we found out. We joked about what would happen if you had an accident while you were hauling all that extra metal: "What the hell happened here?! There seems to have been another car involved .... that was blown to pieces ..."

Mully, I'm so psyched that your Erturk surprise worked out so well. Yay! I must go book a flight to Florida this instant.


Elbee said...

OMG. You have a blog. So cool.

Sorry not to respond to this specific post, but hey--when I saw your "Brit!" entry, I thought you were joining the keening pack of morally offended women pissed off about Mama Spears' recent behavior. Alas.

Like cK, when I read your posts, I hear your voice.

Come see us.

Sassmaster said...

Hey! Good to hear from you.

Ah, Britney. She the nation's wild-child younger sister. We alternately shake our heads tolerantly and contemplate an intervention.

I saw a clip of her on some entertainment show the other night in which one of her handlers pointedly pulled her knees together as she sat in a car. No more lady bits!