Sunday, February 4, 2007

Birthday Brother

It's Matty's birthday today. Happy Birthday! To celebrate, I'm posting his adorable but potentially embarrassing 2nd grade photo. Anyone who's been to my house has seen it already--I can't resist pointing it out. There's the classic scab on the forehead, undoubtedly from some farming-related activity. But I love the obsequious half smile honed from years as his oldest brother's right-hand man. For a long time, I believe Beau never held a tool that was not fetched for him by Matt.

The more recent photo was taken at my birthday party a couple years ago. He drove all the way up to St. Paul to celebrate with his sister. Awww.

These days, he's got the cutest kid ever, and he's about to get married to Catherine, who's the greatest. Very exciting stuff. You deserve it honey! Hope you have an awesome birthday.

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