Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dust Bunnies Vanquished

I did some cleaning this afternoon, including under the bed as the picture proves. It also proves, of course, that I've purchased a digital camera and intend to use it for the most frivolous purposes imaginable. Next up: What will Mary find in the shower drain?

My cleaning soundtrack was provided by brother John -- he sent me some mix CDs recently, including one titled "Omaha Rocks!" Well obviously. The CD consisted of tunes beloved by his kids. I discovered that his nine year old and I share a love of Cake. Also huge in Omaha: Fallout Boy, Chris LeDoux, and Porky Pig's version of Blue Christmas. It's that sense of adventure and eclectic taste that make this country great, people!

Note: Not only are these children musically gifted, they are also blindingly cute. Seriously, you have to wear special glasses and everything.

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Anonymous said...

I'm terribly excited and flattered to learn via your blog that you enjoyed the kids' tuneage. As always, your flattering comments about my children cause me to blush on their behalf (they're not real modest just yet). Stayed at home all day due to 11 inches of snow and that blizzard thing. Always fun shoveling out twice in one day. As Garrett aptly noted, the pile of snow at the end of the driveway is taller than him (it's also about 6' wide by 15' long). Anyway, why the hell am I whining to you about snow - as if Omaha blizzards hold a candle to the Twin Cities. The nerve of some people.........