Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blowin' Through

What's it look like at your house? Lots of shoveling this morning, but at least a half a foot of snow has some insulating properties. It's a bit warmer in here.


Boomer said...

I am so jealous. I wish we had snow. Those pictures are great. I would like to show you the view from our picture window, but I haven't mastered the technology yet.

cK said...

As an apartment dweller with a car on the street, the so-called "Storm of the Century" roughed me up. I walked out on Friday night late after the ice settled in and uttered, "Storm of the Century my ass."

Sunday morning I was on my knees scraping back snow like a goddamn woodland animal that's just taken a crap. With the plow truck contributions, three feet of snow was wedged around my car. It took 45 minutes to kick and scrape away all that snow just so I could move my car to another street where I'll have to do this again at 6:30 a.m. so my car doesn't get towed.

Hubris. It's always hubris.

Sassmaster said...

Oh honey. I've so been there. Imagine doing all that and then not being able to start your car and getting towed anyway.

I did my 45 minutes of shoveling this morning to clear my driveway, but without the time crunch. Just the smug stares of my neighbors with garages and snowblowers. We are all someone's reason for self-satisfaction.

As my friend Rebecca once said: "How can we consider ourselves civilized if we don't hibernate during the winter?" Indeed.

cK said...

"We are all someone's reason for self-satisfaction."

I'm stealing that quote. There. It's been stolen.

Sassmaster said...

I am also comforted by: "We are all somebody's weirdo."