Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tea With the Ladies

To prove that the bone-crushing cold has not, in fact, made us feral, we put on our fancy duds and sashayed over to The Saint Paul Hotel for high tea last Saturday. It was the "chocolate lovers" tea and did not disappoint in that department.

The menu included five courses.

I wore my new reading glasses, because ladies who drink tea have reading glasses, ya know.

By the fourth course, we were starting to feel the effects.

Not wanting to waste a perfectly good sugar buzz, we repaired to the bar at the St. Paul Grill and let down our hair, so to speak.

Eventually, we even had dinner across the street at Pazzaluna. A lovely time and a great way to shake off the cold. Thanks ladies!

**Photos courtesy of Fiffy's cute new camera. Thanks Fiffy!


cK said...

Ah, jealousy! Looks like a pretty goddamn good time. And great photos, hey. Good on ye!

Boomer said...

Thank you especially for the reading glasses pic. Very cute.