Monday, February 12, 2007

Bug Eyed

My eyes are giving me fits these days--can't see past five feet with my glasses, can't see close up with my contacts. Rather than jumping right into bifocals, I'm trying an interim solution: pairing my contacts with a pair of those magnifying reading glasses you can get at the drugstore. They make me think of the koala bear in Creature Comforts:


cK said...

It's very pleasant listening to those interviews. Thanks, mC.

Sassmaster said...

I love how the turtle swallows. And how the polar bear on the left raises his hand. So good.

Boomer said...

I haven't figured out the video yet, but on the reading glasses score, I'd like a picture.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the request for a picture. That's just too much for the imagination too handle ;=)

JC in Omaha

Sassmaster said...

I have to set myself up with a digital camera here soon so I can fulfill these requests.

my3grlz said...

Hey Sassmaster..

We have this whole movie in case you need a's rather amusing.


Sassmaster said...

Hey Mkc -- Michelle right? OMG, I've outed you! I have the movie too. I love this and Wallace and Gromit. I would like to confess to all of you that I'm as obsessed with cheese as Wallace is. Oh cheese.

Sassmaster said...

Also, pictures of myself tend to fill me with a sense of despair, so I won't promise ANYthing.

cK said...

Pictures of myself fill me with despair...which is why I think I've found a digital camera so goddamn comforting and fascinating. It's weird.

Like blogging, it has made me significantly more comfortable with myself. And I find that ridiculous because I've been with me so long. Why did I need technology to communicate with myself? God.

Anonymous said...

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